Why am I invited by a notification service “Powered by Signalize”?

For explanation: Signalize is a service that allows websites to send push messages to their visitors, provided they have agreed to receive them. It is not Signalize that sends the messages, but the website operator. We only take care of the technology behind it, the associated online application and assistance for its use.

Signalize leaves it up to the users to decide whether they want to be kept up to date with push messages or not.

Why is news via Signalize great for consumers?

1.Sending news without consent is technically impossible.
Only sites you visit and where you have agreed to receive news
can send you messages. Registration and deregistration
to the service is completely controlled by your web browser or mobile
operating system and can only be done by you.
This ensures that you have complete control over who can send you
2.Your privacy is further protected by the fact that no personal data
is required or stored
for the delivery of the subscribed messages.
In addition, messages are sent encrypted and only your browser
can decrypt them.
3.You will be automatically informed about news from the providers
you are interested in
. This way you don’t miss any news, offers,
events, tips or information. And that:

a) short and to the point.

b) directly on your device in chronological order without detours
and without any opaque algorithms.

c) without your data and interests being used, passed on or used
in any other form for third party advertising purposes. All data is
processed securely in the EU and independently verified in compliance
with data protection regulations.

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