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Objection Alternatives

Here are two alternative possibilities of objection:

Example 1: Checkbox

< input id="“trackingAllowed“" type="“checkbox“" value="“true“/" data-tld="“yourdomain.com“" / >
< script type="“text/javascript“"> function initTrackingCheckBox(id)
var checkBox = document.getElementById(id);
checkBox.checked = _etracker.isTrackingEnabled();
checkBox.onclick = function ()
var tld = this.getAttribute('data-tld');
this.checked ? _etracker.enableTracking(tld) : _etracker.disableTracking(tld);
} initTrackingCheckBox('trackingAllowed');

Example 2: Link

Please extend the example in such a way that the visitor gets feedback after clicking on the link and his action can possibly be undone.

< a href=”javascript:_etracker.disableTracking(‘yourdomain.com’)”>disable tracking< /a >

Three possible JS-API functions

Three JS-API functions can be used, as shown in the integration examples above:

Check Tracking Status (in response you will get either true or false)


Disable Tracking Status


Activate Tracking